Our Dogs and Us


We live on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland on a property of over 40 acres where we have pasture paddocks and quite a large area of tropical rainforest. Our Danes share their lives with a herd of stud Anglo Nubian dairy goats, cattle, geese and our Livestock Guardian and Show Dogs, the Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.


Living in this type of environment has allowed our dogs to enjoy the space and freedom to run and play, to swim in the dams, to roll in the mud and to learn to respect and interact with other farm animals. Although we are aware that sometimes there is "a little bit of salivation" when in close proximity to the goats, no Dane has ever hurt any of the goats and in fact they look after, care for and play with them in an incredibly gentle way.


Our dogs are part of our family and our lives. We do not believe in having our dogs living in a kennel their whole life. They are our "four legged children" and although they are likely to be put in a kennel if we are away, they live in our home most of the time. The closeness allows us to connect with and know each dog well. It also allows us to develop a strong and loving relationship with each of them and provide prompt training while demonstration consistency in expectations.


And after a hard day's work, we have earned a good rest  !!

Contact Details

Colin & Monica Roebuck
Bungundarra, Yeppoon, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0408 070 251 - 0412 312 653
Email : [email protected]